Kitty Dickerson Scholarship

MURA’s Kitty Dickerson Scholarship

The Kitty Dickerson Scholarship provides funds to MU/UM students whose parents are MU/UM staff employees. A gift in support of the scholarship is an investment in our students while supporting MU/UM staff.

In a recent MURA Newsletter, MURA founding member and Chancellor’s Staff Retiree of Year Awardee George Brooks is spotlighted for first proposing a scholarship in 1994. In his words,

“Our association was not formed to simply negotiate increased benefits for retirees, rather to be a cooperative and vibrant part of the university wherever possible. In this regard, a proposal has been made for the establishment of a $1,000 scholarship by MURA.”

It wasn’t until 2016 and 2017 that MURA President Tom Henderson and President-Elect Kitty Dickerson began making the scholarship a MURA priority. Kitty Dickerson was a retired MU faculty member and chair of textile and apparel management at the University of Missouri. She was president of MURA when she died in January 2017.  Learn more about Dr. Dickerson and GIVE DIRECT here.

The below chart demonstrates the growth of the scholarships awarded. Further details on scholarship recipients are available in June issues of the MURA Newsletter.

Scholarship Recipients Amount Each
2021-22 Darius Lee Brianna Wittenborn Daniela Calle $1,500
2020-21 Darius Lee Brianna Wittenborn InHan Kim $1,000
2019-20 Emily Scully Brianna Wittenborn InHan Kim $500
2018-19 Emily Scully Nicole Perkins InHan Kim $500
2017-18 Jeremiah Vick Nicole Perkins InHan Kim $500
2016-17 Luke Currey Nicole Perkins $500