Changes In MURA Breakfast And Event Registration For 2018

Questions?  Here are some key questions and answers:

Why is MURA starting this new registration and payment system? 

Historically, MURA has used a variety of means to allow members to register and pay for events—mail, phone, email, and walk-ins.  In recent years, these options have become less and less efficient or effective.  MURA has experienced financial losses, albeit small, because of slippage in non-prepaid registrations.  As a result, by default, all MURA members have shouldered the burden of “no-shows” as well as inaccurate attendance counts. Additionally, some members have expressed concern about the security of mailing checks to private addresses of MURA members.  In order to address these issues, the MURA Board is implementing a new policy for event registration.

How will on-line pre-registration work for MURA breakfasts and other events?

Emailed announcements for the MURA breakfasts and other events will feature a web-based link for registration and payment. You will fill out a registration form online and indicate whether you will pay via credit card or Pay-Pal.  We will still require that registrations be received by the announced deadline, usually 5-7 days prior to the event.

Can I pay by check?

From February through June 2018, you will have the option of pre-registering by mail, but payment (online or check) must be received by the announced deadline. You will receive a registration form and address to which you may mail your check.  Our goal is to have all pre-registrations conducted through the on-line system for fall 2018.  We will evaluate and refine the new system as we gain experience with it.

Can I still walk-in to MURA breakfasts or other events?

Ideally, no.  These changes are essential for good stewardship of MURA resources.  We need accurate counts for meals, refreshments, chairs, and hand-outs. If walk-ins arrive, they will be charged a higher fee and seated on a space-available basis.

Can I pay for more than one event at a time?

We hope you will be able to register and pay for up to five MURA Breakfasts (February through June 2018) with one credit card charge or one check.

What if I register and pre-pay, but can’t attend?

No refunds will be available.  However, you may assign your registration to someone else. We will experiment with this method as we transition to the new system.  Any unused registration funds will go into MURA’s operating budget to support programs and other expenses.

What about other MURA events?

Other events (Spring Social, Schroeder picnic, etc.) will require separate registration and pre-payment.  As with MURA breakfasts, we’ll offer an on-line option and a mail-in option through June 2018. Then, we’ll evaluate how the system is working and determine how to proceed.

Watch for new information on how to register and pay for Breakfasts and other events in the next week or so.  Thank you for helping us improve MURA’s ability to serve our members. If you have any questions or concerns or wish to offer suggestions, please contact Jo Turner, President Elect & Program Chair or Margie Sable, President

Barb Harris
MURA Communications Chair