MU Healthcare Volunteer Services

Service Areas

MU Healthcare Gift Shop Assistant

Patient Pals

Book Cart Volunteer

Communications and Marketing Coordinator

Compassionate Companion

Ambulatory Infusion Unit Volunteer

Volunteer Date(s) On-going; minimum of 4 hrs/week
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Call: (573) 882-4714


Brief Description Bring a smile and excellent customer service to a patient, visitor, or staff member as they shop or spend time in the Gift Shop setting; Improve the patient experience through non-clinical conversation, room orientation and assistance with comfort and room cleanliness needs as Patient Pal; Assist Volunteer Services staff improve the patient and family/visitor experience by providing access to a variety of free reading materials; Assist the Manager of the Gift Shops, Volunteer Services and Spiritual Care Departments raise a positive and consistent image of MU Health Care System programs and services; Provide support and be a physical presence for palliative care patients and their families; and/or Assist nursing and other staff with non-medical tasks to improve the quality of the patient care and family/visitor experience in the Ambulatory Infusion Unit.