Chancellor’s Retiree of the Year Award Recipients (1990-Present)

The Chancellor’s Retiree of the Year Award was created to honor and reward the achievements of MU retirees.  One retired Faculty and one retired Staff member are recognized for their service each year during the Chancellor’s Annual Luncheon in May.  In addition to a plaque, each award winner receives a stipend of $1,000.

Past Recipients (1990 – present)

Year Faculty Staff
1990 Ernest M. Funk  Albert J. Flischel
1991 Veralee B. Hardin Jerome & Marie Mason
1992 Robert S. Daniel George Brooks
1993 Charles W. Gerke Allen W. Purdy
1994 Adolph E. Schroeder Anthony W. Lampe
1995 C. Melvin Bradley Russell Dale Cook
1996 Dale Sechler Paul Rexroad
1997 Betty Crim W. E. (Bill) Moyes
1998 Robert Breitenbach Betty Cook Rottmann
1999 Nelson Trickey Martha Sue Dailey
2000 Walter Wilkening Ray McClure
2001 Ross Swofford Ola Mae Taggart
2002 Thomas G. Brown Elizabeth Bailey
2003 Emma Jean McKinin Sue Tucker Troutner
2004 John L. Mowrer Nina Hiler
2005 Jo Behymer Darlene Miles
2006 Verna Rhodes Darlene Schroeder
2007 Max Miller Gary L. Smith
2008 Rod Gelatt Georgia Morehouse
2009 James E. Creed Ernest Hilderbrand
2010 Robert T. Marshall Joyce Lake
2011 John Parker Judith A. Cunningham
2012 Robert Blake Jr. Judy Olson
2013 Bob Stewart Jack Miles
2014 Don Day Phyllis Miller
2015 George Kennedy Susan Turner
2016 Nan Erickson Kee Groshong
2017 Richard M. Hessler Marie C. Sloan
2018 Robert J. Churchil Richard J. Otto
2019 Jill Raitt Sandra L. Taylor